Breaking the conspiracy of silence – Part 3 (A Hit on Hitler)

By Zubair Arif


A Hit on Hitler



Not Long ago, in the near reaches of history, a man who secured to be an important figure of every secular historical educational book was born. His role beyond any shadow of doubt is of manifest importance, a hitman for our history books. Chanting and muttering, every school boy learns the topic of Adolf Hitler memorizing Austria-Hungary to be the place of his birth and 1889 to be the year of his birth. But what astonishes a school boy is about the killings of millions of Jews, and the World War II events of which Hitler forms an important figure. And this is what the masses know from the falsified books and controlled media.

 As we swing along our regular historical books we find no mentioning of the fact that there exists not a single document which proves the order of extermination of Jews given by Hitler or perhaps never existed as put by Leon Poliakov, a famous and great French historian accompanied by similar statements from many other historians. Further, our lessons mention that six million Jews were gassed in gas chambers and put to death in Germany in a span of six years lol, which would take a span of more than 60 years and the irony which enthralls the sane mind is of not a single body being proven of death due to gas poisoning although deaths did take place but out of starvation due to economic crises and not out of deliberate killing. Fred Leuchter, an expert in execution technology researched extensively on the gas chamber which ended up in no traces of gassings being there which means no killings ever taken place in those chambers out of gas poisoning. In 1991 Polish again researched the same and ended up with same results of no evidences of any such gassings in those gas chambers.

 Here is the splendid speech by the researcher Fred Leuchter after his research results:



 Yet after indelible marks put by these researches and thought provoking reasons and questions, the holocaust yet form an important ingredient of our history lessons. Hitler rose up as a figure who hated Jews but at the same time we find in history that companies which were directly or indirectly owned or controlled by Jew elites were financing him for the war efforts. Some overwhelming questions arise out of this fuss, first concerning the killings, were six million Jews really killed provided the strong proofs which negate its happening? And why were Jews financing and helping a Jew hater, a Jew killer? If Hitler really was such a big anti Semitic, anti Jew, Why were the Jews financing him? Just to throw off their fellow Jews? Just to make Hitler oppress their fellow Jewish people? To seek answers to these questions we need to seep a little into the history to know what actually was happening.

In the wake of anti Semitism in Europe, Zionists heads had an eye at the land of Palestine for building a Jewish state, a land filled with sacred places for Jews, held sacred by Muslims and Christians as well. It all started with education, education which made the common masses of Jews believe the land of Palestine to be an empty land. As they arose believing it, its sane outcome was the immigration of Jews to the land of Palestine, fleeing away from the land of Europe which was filled with Anti-Jewish people. The immigrations had some boom at the time when British passed the Belfour Declaration which was a letter written to Baron Rothschild which promised a Jewish state in the land of Palestine in support of the views of the Zionist movement. Europeans deciding a future of an Arab land, a non European power, such a ludicrous happening which took place. Yet the population of Jews in Palestine remained low until suddenly, it paramount increased, it was the time of rise of Adolf Hitler. From 1932 to 1936, in a matter of five years, 174,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine. And until the end of 1945, Jewish population had vividly increased a high time in Palestine. As the story of killings of Jews spread far and wide, the sympathies of the people of world started to favor them and the talks and the workings for making a state for Jews in Palestine increased. Soon United Nations came up with a blunder which divided the land of Palestine into two parts of which only 43% of the land was given to Arabs whereas Jews were given 56% percent of the land although the population of Arab inhabitants was more than 60%. It was after that the Zionists with their military powers started to occupy the other major cities of Palestine and the ruthless killings of Palestinians, the people who once let them stay in their country when they were fleeing away from anti-Jewish European people, and thus the Zionists succeeded in their objective and goal of building a Jewish state in Palestine of which the story of holocaust done by Hitler, and Hitler’s rise in power played a very important part. It was Hitler’s rise in power which made loads and loads of Jew immigration to Palestine, and it was the story of Hitler’s holocaust which made the efforts of making of a Jewish state rise high, and which made them gain the sympathies of the people of the world and thus UN ended up in such an erroneous partition.

 Yet another objective which they achieved using Hitler as one of their element was of changing the gold currency into paper money throughout the world and spreading their interest based economic system in whole world which they already had achieved in America. (As discussed in earlier article)

 There is no denying the fact that Adolf Hitler proved to be one of the important element for the occurrence of the World War II. And seeping into the History of war provides with the fact that financing of both the opponents in war was from the same source, the same Jewish bankers, thus the same source regulating the war and winning a high time benefit from all around. Europe was burning, mass destruction’s, killings and thus the blood of people was flowing all around and yet in midst of all this in two Countries, there were no sign of it. Switzerland in which the banks were collecting the gold of people from all sides, which people out of fear of war were depositing there and America whose banks were financing the war effort. American central bank Federal Reserve, after financing the European war effort, received all of its payment in gold and not in paper currency. As a result of war, as known to all, all of the Europe was destroyed which now needed money for construction and rebuilding itself which they would be provided by none other than the Federal Reserve through American government, a bank which already had enslaved America and now would enslave whole of destroyed countries in war under their debt fusions by providing them loans on interest. A quite obvious outcome, most of the gold of affected countries after World War 2 had reached Federal Reserve and many countries had fell prey under the trap of loans of Federal Reserve, the financers of the war, a private bank owned by Zionist and Jews.



In midst of all the fuss and troubles, all the economics were destroyed, there came into picture the Breton Woods Agreement, which claimed to provide solution to the world economy and the world stuck in economic problems due to wars and occupations agreed to the solutions it provided. The Breton Woods Agreement brought in front the making of United Nation (UN), World Bank and International Monetary fund (IMF). The feature of which was the prohibition of use of gold as currency throughout the world and tying of all the currencies to US dollar and US dollar being tied to Gold. Thus, the use of Gold as currency was terminated throughout the world, and no direct backing of any currency towards gold except dollar. And their total achievement came into picture when in 1971 convertibility of Dollar into gold was terminated. They used these institutions like IMF, World Bank to spread the system of interest based economiy to the world, spread of paper money throughout the world and the end of Gold currency letting all the gold coins, gold bullions stay with Federal Reserve owners.

 Thus, Hitler also played the part of helping these Zionists and Jews to end the gold based currency and start paper currency and to spread the interest based economy throughout the world. The death of Hitler as well, said to have committed suicide but in realty remains a mystery unsolved.



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