On Endowments (Waqf)

Shah Waliullah once stated that the Arabs were ignorant of the institution of Waqf before the advent of Islam. It was the Prophet Muhammad (saws) who acquainted them with it, and advised them to make such endowments. What it denotes, in brief, is that a grant is made of something like land or money which … Continue reading

The Excellence of Hajj and Umrah

Ibn `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, ‘(The super-structure of) Islam is based on five (pillars): testifying the fact that La ilaha illallah wa anna Muhammad-ar-Rasul-ullah [there is no true god except Allah, and Muhammad ((PBUH)) is the Messenger of Allah], establishing As-Salat (the prayers), paying Zakat (poor due), the pilgrimage to the … Continue reading

Morals and Manners – (In the Light of Ahadith)

Among the things on which the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of the Lord be on him) has laid the greatest stress after belief – and maintained that the felicity and salvation of mankind is dependent upon them – one is that man cultivate good manners and noble qualities of mind and character, avoid evil … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith Part – VI (Orientalists and Hadith – 3)

Qur’an and Hadith A cursory examination reveals that the two, Qur’an and Hadith, belong to completely different orders. So that, if someone doubts the authenticity of Hadith, whether or not they are the Prophet’s words, then the question that arises is – the two being literally so different – if the Hadith is not the … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith Part – V (Orientalists and Hadith – 2)

  The Medieval Legacy Such were the trend-setters for many of the Orientalists who took over from the priestly class after the burst of Renaissance. A great majority of them, right up to our times, wrote – particularly, but not exclusively, if principles and morals happened to be the topic – just as much untruth … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith -Part IV (Orientalists and Hadith -1)

The works on Islam and related topics, as produced by Western scholars, over past few centuries, is a dark patch on the face of scholarship. These scholars (who later came to be designated as Orientalists) were always at loggerheads with the Prophet and ill at ease with facts surrounding him. Their efforts, on the one … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith – Part III (Importance of the Hadith)

Although the utterances of the Prophet (saws) acquired significance only after the Qur’an had begun to come down, it were his utterances alone that, for long duration, served the functions of Divine Revelation thereafter. There were long and short spells during which the Qur’anic revelations did not come. During such spells Prophetic words filled the … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith – Part II

Hadith literature presents the most accurate history of a person and an epoch. No other phase in human history has been as well, and as accurately recorded as the Prophetic: not even the modern. In our times historical accounts are so intricately spun together with fiction that it is impossible to distinguish one from the … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith – Part I

Definition Hadith, literally an utterance, is that body of literature which deals with Prophet Muhammad (peace on him). It reports him or about him. Thus it includes his words, deeds, what he was like or was thought of by his contemporaries, before or after he was commissioned as a Prophet. It includes his resolve to … Continue reading

A Conflict of Cultures

By Umm Muhammad, Jeddah Humanity lives crowded together in an increasingly small world of many cultures. It is no longer possible for any Muslim to isolate himself completely from the influences of alien civilization or from the impact of corrupt environments, no matter where he happens to live. Western culture, in particular, has become attractive … Continue reading