The Miracle that the Qur’an Is

The Qur’an is a mu`jizah in several senses. One of them is literary. That is, from the literary point of view, it is a mu`jizah. Now, what is a mu`jizah? Miracle is not the correct translation. Mu`jizh is more than a miracle. And the Qur’an is more than a mu`jizah. Mu`jizah is a thing or … Continue reading

The Journey Up

It is impossible for anyone to escape asking himself the question: “Where do I go next?” Every time a man witnesses death, the question decks up to dance for a while before him. He pushes it hastily back to the lower deck. The upper deck is for life’s activities, its worries, its pains, its joys … Continue reading

On Goodness and Compassion

To do an act of kindness, too, is a branch of compassion, or rather, its fruit. It can have many forms, such as, the doing of a favour, the offering of a gift, or the rendering of a service or acting in any other manner that may be a source of joy or comfort to … Continue reading

Jesus Christ in the Qur’an

To an observer’s eye, the main undoing of Christianity in the modern times, and a strong reason of decline in its system of faiths and beliefs, has been the doctrine of Trinity. Any Christian who tried to understand this intriguing concept, whether in the light of reason or with reference to that of the holy … Continue reading

A Miracle Called Water.

Water is beautiful. As seas it is delightful to look at. People sit for hours at the shore, doing nothing but looking at the waves rolling against the land. As lakes it is no less captivating; its smooth surface, like a plain sheet, with ripples, is mysteriously soul-touching. Falling down the cliffs, its beauty is … Continue reading

Crime and Punishment

Why is it, it is often asked, that those who do not worship One God should stay in Hellfire forever, as promised in the Qur’an. Isn’t that unreasonable? Although this is a common doubt, it has some simple answers. At the start, we must understand that the one who makes the rules, prescribes the punishments. … Continue reading


Apart from a man’s parents, children and near relatives, there also exists a permanent association between him and his neighbours. The state of this association – whether it is good or otherwise – exercises a deep influence on his life and morals. The Prophet, on whom is peace, has attached great importance to it and … Continue reading

Seeking Knowledge…! Seeking Allah!

Many times I have read and heard people talking about the emphasis on knowledge in Islam. I, being a woman of the 21st century, have always considered myself ‘educated’ and never bothered to learn what exactly Islam means by gaining knowledge. Some feel and say it is just pure religious knowledge; and some say we … Continue reading

Breaking Another’s Bread

Religion is generally understood as a system that consists of a set of dogmas, rituals, a few moral precepts and taboos. Islam is not a religion in this restricted sense. It is a complete, revealed, hence authentic, and God-approved religion. To explain, it is a comprehensive, practical and pragmatic system for the organization of human … Continue reading

Taking Ramadhan as Ritual

Taking Ramadan As Ritual  Zain Bin Younus, Jeddah   Assalam-u-Alaikum Wa RahmatULLAHI Wa Barakatuh MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH, GIVE US HIDAYAT: For many of us Ramadan has lost its spirituality and has become more of a ritual ( Stereotyped behavior) than a form of Ibaadah. We fast from morning to night like a zombie (living dead) … Continue reading