The Science of Hadith -Part IV (Orientalists and Hadith -1)

The works on Islam and related topics, as produced by Western scholars, over past few centuries, is a dark patch on the face of scholarship. These scholars (who later came to be designated as Orientalists) were always at loggerheads with the Prophet and ill at ease with facts surrounding him. Their efforts, on the one … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith – Part III (Importance of the Hadith)

Although the utterances of the Prophet (saws) acquired significance only after the Qur’an had begun to come down, it were his utterances alone that, for long duration, served the functions of Divine Revelation thereafter. There were long and short spells during which the Qur’anic revelations did not come. During such spells Prophetic words filled the … Continue reading

Salam (Peace)

By Jinan Bastak “O Allah, You are the Source of Peace, and from You is Peace. Blessed are You, O Possessor of Glory and Honor.” [Muslim] We all seek peace in some way. We work so that we do not have to worry about where our next meal will come from. We take breaks to … Continue reading

The Moment When Prophet Salla Allahu A’laihi Wa Sallam Opened His Eyes

 The month of Rabi’ul awwal is the month in which the most important, noble and influential personality was born. That personality is none other than Prophet Mohammad Alaihi Salam who was born in this month. There is disagreement among the historians about the exact dates of his birth though some authentic and reliable sources say … Continue reading

Rules Pertaining to the Relationship of Muslims With Other Faith Communities – Part I

By Muhammad Taqi Uthmani/ Translated by: Shameen S Desin (Jeddah) Islam orders Muslims to deal with followers of other faiths with respect and regard for their feelings, on the basis that all human beings are equal before God, and the only thing that may raise one above others is the God-consciousness in the heart and … Continue reading

On Return of Khilafah

By Syed Iqbal Zaheer, Editor YMD. With the gut feeling among the masses, and no less among the Christians, the interest in the return of the Khilafah has risen high. For the Muslims it is because it is he who is expected to terminate the tyrannous modern devilish civilization. The Prophet has promised the return … Continue reading

TIME: An Islamic Perspective

 For most of mankind throughout time, Time has been something that existed, simply and plainly, in which they lived, and out of which they departed in to the realm of another kind of Time. Time for them was something stable, the same for everyone else, was always there, moved forward, was irreversible, and would be … Continue reading

Manhood And Womenhood in Islam