The Miracle that the Qur’an Is

The Qur’an is a mu`jizah in several senses. One of them is literary. That is, from the literary point of view, it is a mu`jizah. Now, what is a mu`jizah? Miracle is not the correct translation. Mu`jizh is more than a miracle. And the Qur’an is more than a mu`jizah. Mu`jizah is a thing or … Continue reading

Jesus Christ in the Qur’an

To an observer’s eye, the main undoing of Christianity in the modern times, and a strong reason of decline in its system of faiths and beliefs, has been the doctrine of Trinity. Any Christian who tried to understand this intriguing concept, whether in the light of reason or with reference to that of the holy … Continue reading

The Dishonest House

By Syed Iqbal Zaheer Editor YMD The educated ones among the rejecters of Hadith – Muslim or non-Muslim – clearly seem to lack the quality of honesty. And, the nature of their calling demands lots of slinking, and, therefore, apart from dishonest, they also happen to be slinkers. They cannot go about the affair in … Continue reading

Confidence Not Misplaced

By Syed Iqbal Zaheer An unusual quality of the Qur’an is that most people who are not classified as Muslims, but have been exposed to it to some degree, hold the feeling that there must be some truth behind it. If they engage with it longer – and seriously – then, the feeling grows. It … Continue reading