Seeking Knowledge…! Seeking Allah!

Many times I have read and heard people talking about the emphasis on knowledge in Islam. I, being a woman of the 21st century, have always considered myself ‘educated’ and never bothered to learn what exactly Islam means by gaining knowledge. Some feel and say it is just pure religious knowledge; and some say we … Continue reading

Morals and Manners – (In the Light of Ahadith)

Among the things on which the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of the Lord be on him) has laid the greatest stress after belief – and maintained that the felicity and salvation of mankind is dependent upon them – one is that man cultivate good manners and noble qualities of mind and character, avoid evil … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith -Part IV (Orientalists and Hadith -1)

The works on Islam and related topics, as produced by Western scholars, over past few centuries, is a dark patch on the face of scholarship. These scholars (who later came to be designated as Orientalists) were always at loggerheads with the Prophet and ill at ease with facts surrounding him. Their efforts, on the one … Continue reading

The Science of Hadith – Part III (Importance of the Hadith)

Although the utterances of the Prophet (saws) acquired significance only after the Qur’an had begun to come down, it were his utterances alone that, for long duration, served the functions of Divine Revelation thereafter. There were long and short spells during which the Qur’anic revelations did not come. During such spells Prophetic words filled the … Continue reading

Dear Modernist……….

This article is based on Justice Taqi Uthmani’s  book “Islam and Modernism”.. Search for “Modernity” by itself is a commendable desire and a natural urge of humankind. If this urge wasn’t there, man would not have reached from stone-age to atomic era, couldn’t have gained access to aeroplanes and spacecrafts from camels and bullock carts, … Continue reading

Our Spiritual Orphans

Syed Iqbal Zaheer There have been among the Muslims, throughout their history, people – the more away in time from the origin of Islam, more their numbers – to whom Islam is a burden and a shackle. But since its creeds are beyond questioning, (Tawheed, Prophethood, etc.), it is the Shari`ah that is targeted for … Continue reading

My Journey to Islam (Part–2)

A Canadian Catholic’s account of his search for the Truth, and his discovery of Islam. By Abdullah Al-Kanadi I still remember to this day my first encounter with a Muslim. One of the boys brought his friend to the youth house. He was a Muslim kid whose name I forgot. What I do remember is the … Continue reading

My Journey to Islam (Part-1)

A Canadian Catholic’s account of his search for the Truth, and his discovery of Islam. By Abdullah Al-Kanadi (Formerly, Craig Robertson) My name is Abdullah Al-Kanadi. I was born in Vancouver, Canada. My family, who were Roman Catholics, raised me as a Roman Catholic until I was twelve years old. I have been Muslim for … Continue reading

Charlatan & Co.

(In continuation of the previous article ‘Expired Brains’) By Syed Iqbal Zaheer The Prophet emphasized different things during different talks. Consequently, believers in his Message must understand that the correctness of their actions and attitudes in life will depend on how they understand the sources. They are a few. To name some: the Qur’an, the … Continue reading

The Martyr

  Muntaha Mahdi, Singapore   They bind my hands with shackles, so tight my skin bleeds They say that I’m a rebel; I’m living on false beliefs They drag me across the streets, so people can see The helpless look on my face, the look of uncertainty They bind my hands with shackles, so tight … Continue reading